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How to Find a Reliable OB/GYN

How to Find a Reliable OB/GYN

pregnant delivery to a Jacksonville OBGYN are a fundamental part of pregnancy. Therefore, it is convenient to take the time to find a doctor who will accompany you during this stage. It must be someone to whom you can consult all your doubts and concerns, and that gives sound advice throughout pregnancy.


Understanding obstetrics


Visits to the obstetrician are an important part of any pregnancy. If a person’s pregnancy does not present complications, they will visit the doctor monthly until they reach week 30 (approximately). Then the mother’s visits will be every two or three weeks. From week 36 your obstetrician may want to see you every week.


It is very important that you take the time to select the right doctor, one who inspires confidence, and with whom you can chat with to clarify all your concerns. While you wait for your next visit, it is important to write down all the questions that you have. In this way, people will take better advantage of each visit.


It is important that you keep the doctor informed of any medication you are taking and that you always consult them before taking a medication. Generally, with all OBGYN services, the doctor will take your weight, blood pressure, perform a urinalysis, measure your abdomen to determine the growth and position of the baby and take a peek at the baby's heartbeat. prenatal doctor are subject to the criteria of each obstetrician.


First visit to an obstetrician


If a woman suspects that she is pregnant, she should consult her doctor. It is important that pregnancy is controlled from the beginning. As most will see, women just need to follow their doctor's instructions to have a risk-free pregnancy. In the first visit to an OBGYN office, do not forget to mention if you are taking any medication.


Surely the specialist will weigh you and take your blood pressure. He or she will also listen to your heart rate and perform a vaginal pelvic exam similar to that performed by the gynecologist. Because many pregnancy problems can be inherited, the doctor will ask each patient questions about their family history.


Also, in this first visit, the doctor will determine the mother’s estimated date of delivery and will request an ultrasound to know and confirm the gestational age of the baby. This will also help them to figure out whether or not it is a single or if there are multiple babies and confirm that the embryo is located intra-uterus. The importance of finding a good obstetrician is massive, so take the time to make sure you choose the right one for you.