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In addition, the store also offers other products such as men's t-shirts, uniform t-shirts, body t-shirts ... too many choices for you and your family. With our motto is "customer is friend", so in every respect, for every customer we always advise enthusiastically, sincerely, practically most with extremely comfortable mood , fun to bring the highest value, right quality to customers. Fashion for men and women: This is the most selected product line for men and women. You can choose any style with different sizes such as coats, sweaters, T-shirts ...


The shop came into operation in 2013 and has served thousands of customers nationwide, specializing in providing wholesale wholesale of t-shirts, shirts, coats, jeans pants, women's wear ... We are committed to bringing the best products to consumers. With the slogan "Love cohesion", beautiful clothes always bring customers the most unique product lines, the whole shirt is printed by silk technology, specializing in heat, beautiful pictures, no color, no peeling.

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That is different from other shops. Do not worry, when coming to Hai Anh Uniform, all your difficulties will be solved in one note ”. However, now, with new creativity, the old-fashioned family T-shirts have become much more new and modern. The sophistication in the combination of colors, creative print motifs help your family unleash your own substance. In 2019, marking the rise of beautiful family dresses with designs is the crystallization of modern features but still based on very familiar designs. FoldiMate can fold almost any type of clothing, including shirts, blouses, children's clothing, to oversized XXL size items, towels and pillowcases. The boss was there to meet directly and said that he was an acquaintance, so he would be condescending. But then, the boss said that the current state of the company controlling personnel is very tight, hiring management positions are very strict, it must be accepted by the leadership in the parent company to be able to officially do so. . I used to imagine this day in some wandering thoughts, but never thought it would happen to me, until I finally understood the words of the ancients.

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