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How Much Can I Make If I Sell My Cell Phone For Cash?

How Much Can I Make If I Sell My Cell Phone For Cash?

After I was considering attempting to sell my cell phone for money, I had a variety of legitimate questions. Number one- would it even be value it? My phone wasn't new, and had a small scratch on the side. Positive, it worked fine, but might I really sell my cell phone for cash when there are already so many new phones on the market? Who would want my old phone?

As it seems, I needn't have worried. There was a much bigger market for my old phone than I originally thought, and I was able to sell my cell phone for cash in just a number of days. I went set up a listing on a cell phone selling site, put up some images, and wrote a little blurb about my phone. Then, I ran right into a bit of a predicament... How much ought to I charge? I used to be selling an iPhone phone that had been really good when it first came out, however it was kind of old now. I knew I couldn't cost what I would paid for it, but I ought to be able to get something, right?

Determining the way to value my phone was probably the hardest a part of attempting to sell my cell phone for cash. After all, if I didn't charge enough, it would hardly be definitely worth the effort of trying to sell it. If I charged an excessive amount of, then I wouldn't be able to seek out somebody keen to pay what I wanted. I had to discover a pleased medium, where the cost of packgetting older, insuring, and mailing out my phone could be covered by my asking value, but I might nonetheless make sufficient money to make selling my phone worthwhile.

That took a little bit of research. First, I looked up how much my phone had price when it was new. Then, I started hitting up used phone sites, to see what kind of prices different sellers have been charging for phones similar to mine. I used to be lucky to find just a few other people who have been making an attempt to sell my cell phone for cash, so it was easy for me to see what kind of costs other sellers were getting for the phone I was attempting to sell.

While I was searching, I realized something... creating a phone listing was lots of work! I wanted to sell my cell phone for money, but not if it was going to require this much research. Fortuitously, while I used to be looking for costs for used phones, I found sites that make selling used phones even easier. All I had to do for them was get a price quote for my current phone by means of a website, receive a pre-paid mailing envelope in the mail, send my phone back to the company that owned the site, and wait for my money. I didn't need to fret about describing my phone, buyer disputes, or any of the other headaches that come with selling things online.

When you have old phones around your own home, do what I did. I decided to sell my cell phone for cash, and now I have a pleasant little pile of cash instead of an old phone. If you happen to've got old phones that are just gathering mud in your home, then you could find a buyer just like I did. Do not wait around while different people make cash off of their old phones- go online and sell your phone now.

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